What makes CIHTS unique in every regard is not only its academic
acumen and excellence but the implementation of various practices in everyday life which we feel proud to call our BEST PRACTICES. They serve all the stakeholders and help us to showcase the best in us. We learn and flourish with every best practice and ensure to add up more every time. We transform the lives of thousands of lives around us while executing these best practices and in the process we get transformed ourselves.
THE ORIGIN OF OUR BEST PRACTICES CIHTS Book and Documentary Clubs Best Practices -01 Frequent Cleanliness Drives in and around the campus Best Practices -02 Mentorship Programmes for Freshers Best Practices -03 Restoring a lost canon and Digitalization Best Practices -04 Spreading Awareness about issues like Human Rights and Gender Equity Best Practices -05 Reviving Nalanda Tradition of Debate Best Practices -06 Student Publication and Editorial Board Best Practices -07 Caring for Others Best Practices -08 Tibetan Performative arts Best Practices -09 Academic Excursion and Tours Best Practices -10 Earning while learning Best Practices -11 Freshers and Farewells Best Practices -12 Fusion of Indo-Tibetan Practices Best Practices -13 Massages and Healing Practices Best Practices -14 Student Models and Exhibitions Best Practices -15