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Based on the guidelines laid down, by the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India in its 1997 ruling on the Vishaka vs State of Rajasthan petition, the C.I.H.T.S. is committed that no member of the Institute community may sexually harass another. If any employee or student of the University found guilty for violation of the policy he may be subjected to full range of disciplinary action up to and including rustication / suspension / removal from the Institute.
Complaints in above regards, can be filed to the Committee Against Sexual Harassment (contact details given below) or through administrative channel. The identity of the complainant will in all cases be kept strictly confidential.


Sr No.Name DesignationPosition
1Dr. Jyoti Singh  Presiding Officer
2डॉ. प्रशांत कुमार मौर्यMember
3Dr. Huma Kayoom Member
4Ms. Kanchan Vishwakarma सदस्य सचिव
5House Leader, Mayadevi Girls HostelMember
6Ms. Karma Sonam Palmoसदस्य सचिव

Presiding Officer

Ph- 8765734283

Email- jyotisingh.acd@cihts.com

सदस्य सचिव

Ph- 8318907853

Email- kspalmo.res@cihts.ac.in