Yuthog Sowa-Rigpa teaching Hospital

Medical education is complete when the students learn hand in hand with the patients at the bed side through rigorous observations and noting details of different medical cases. With the advancement of this concept, best healthcare services are being promoted but there still remains lot of challenges in many of the chronic and deadly diseases emerging globally. Sowa-Rigpa has huge potential to advance its clinical practice and promote skill development for the professionals and students to give better and economical way to cater in patient health services including employing mild and intensive therapies. In view of the Schedule-V (regulation 3, 5, 6, 7, 10 & 11) of the Gazette notification 2017, the teaching hospital shall have at least 4 OPDS and 10-bed Hospital with Dispensary where the staffs are exclusive for the Hospital. If there are more running batches, the requirement of total hospital staff and number of beds will increase simultaneously. Initially, in our under-development phase-I Hospital, the total number of bed is 40. The development of Sowa-Rigpa Hospital is aimed at

  • Clinical research and studies.
  • Realizing the theoretical aspects of Sowa-Rigpa principles.
  • Development and promotion of Sowa-Rigpa practices and therapeutic.
  • Promotion and restoration of health.
  • Providing general health care for the society in general.

Yuthog Sowa-Rigpa teaching Hospital consists of IPD, OPD, Therapy Wing, Dispensary and a pathology lab.