Sowa-Rigpa College Academic is a composite and comprehensive frame work blending the novel teaching methodology without losing the original concepts of Tibetan traditional root. One of the core texts for teaching and study is rGyud bZhi (The Four Treatises) by Yuthok, the junior, in the late twelfth century. The text has more than thousand slokas and many more commentaries have been written by succeeding Tibetan Scholars and referred as supplementary readings and critical analysis by the contemporary Physicians and Students. Tibetan Medical Astrology is another important component of this program helping physician in providing proper diagnosis and prognosis of diseases specially those involving psychological and Psycho-somatic disorders. Another important landmark in the Tibetan Medical History is the comprehensive discussion on various infective diseases in the past history, various challenges and curbing future emerging epidemics. All health and wellness related writings available in Tibetan are broadly categorized under eight different branches/sciences of Sowa-Rigpa. With the emerging trends in invention, discovery, novelty, innovation and developments, another Wing of Sowa-Rigpa Research and Development was established.