Department of Social Science

Department of Social Sciences offers comprehensive courses on: a) Asian History b) Tibetan History c) Economics and d) Political Science from the high school level up to the undergraduate level as elective subjects for Shastri (BA) in Philosophy stream and Tibetan Jyotish. Since 2017-2018, P.G level courses on Tibetan History are also offered for Acharya (MA) in Tibetan History program. In terms of the courses on Tibetan History, while the pre-university level course focuses mostly on the history of Buddhism in India and Tibet, the U.G level courses introduces a greater range of texts and takes Tibetan history up to the modern era. The courses for the P.G level Acharya (MA) program emphasise preparing students for research scholarship, with instruction on research methodologies and a wide variety of source materials from inscriptions, numismatics, archaeological findings, epigraphs, scripture and painting.

Courses offered by the department are:

P.G. Acharya (MA) in Tibetan History

Course Outcomes:

  1. The students are trained to develop a consciousness of the socio-political and economic awareness about India and Tibet’s heritage with a knowledge of contemporary global realities.
  2. It would make our students responsive to the socio-economic and political scenario of the world today and motivate young minds to emerge as responsible citizens, both nationally and globally.
  3. By providing extensive knowledge about the historical epochs of India and Tibet with special emphasis on the Himalayan region, students gain knowledge about the current issues of the world and are motivated to find appropriate and effective solutions for the burning issues of humanity.
  4. After completion of the course, the students are capable of seeking further opportunities in the field of teaching, research in reputed think tanks, applied research, civil services, cultural studies and tourism, analytical statistics, financial analysis and archaeology etc.


Registration for NCISM-NEET-SR UG 2024-2025 is extended from 8th July to 21st July 2024