Department of Bhot Jyotish

The Department of Bhot-Jyotish, also known as Tibetan Astro-Science, was established in 1993. Tibetan Astro-Science can be classified into three categories: astronomy (skar-rtsis), elemental astrology (byung-rtsis) and divination (dbyang char). It is highly influenced by Kalacakra system. The department offers UG and PG courses in Bhot-Jyotish.

Courses offered by the department are:

  1. UG (Shastri – Bhot-Jyotish)
  2. PG (Acharya – Bhot-Jyotish)

Course Outcomes:

UG- Shastri in Bhot Jyotish:
  1. The course enables the students to grasp the essential knowledge of Tibetan Astro-science and elementary Indian Astro-science.
  2. The detailed syllabi impart the knowledge of the calculation process of Tibetan astronomy with the help of the position of planets, Solar and Lunar eclipse, Comet appearance, Gola characteristic, Tatkal timely conjunction, Time detectors, Equation of three different types of day and reversing calculation, Almanac preparation and Speedy calculation.
  3. Upon completion of the course, the students can understand Tibetan Astro science and seek possibilities in the areas of relevant interdisciplinary studies.
PG- Acharya in Bhot Jyotish:
  1. The syllabi train the students to grasp the importance of the role of human values, emotional control, and regulation of different types of negative approaches.
  2. After developing a sound base in traditional Astro-science, students are trained to read horoscopes according to Elementary Chinese Astrology, Marital compatibility, Annual hindrance, medical astrology, and miscellaneous astrology.
  3. Students are also trained in the knowledge of Vowel Appearance (Shivasarvodhaya), different genres of canonical texts of tantra and Astro-science (Kalchakra Tantra Raja) etc.
  4. After completing the course, the students can seek further possibilities in the field of higher research, Almanac and Horoscope making and reading, translation and comparative studies, and teaching.