Aims and objectives of AACIHTS:

The Association will be a non-profit making Society with the following aims and objectives:

  1. To uphold the democratic and inclusive traditions of CIHTS and to strive for their furtherance, through all the activities of AACIHTS, including the organization of Annual and periodic Lectures/Seminars/Symposia etc. centered around themes that deepen our understanding and appreciation of the values enshrined in the Objectives of the University;
  2. To foster close relationship between CIHTS Alumni and the CIHTS.
  3. To recognize and identify the role of CIHTS Alumni as important stakeholders in the continuing quest to provide excellence in education by way of academic and cultural collaborations;
  4. To realize the enormous benefits that may come from the engagement of CIHTS Alumni with the University and seek their support in identifying strategic directions for CIHTS;
  5. To provide opportunities for community service and to act as good will ambassadors of CIHTS within India and abroad;
  6. To serve as effective interlocutors in upholding the cause of peace and disarmament and in promoting friendship and co-operation between peoples and nations across the world and in providing appropriate material and intellectual support to the University, particularly in locating and augmenting its frontline research areas;
  7. To provide academic and professional interaction and networking among CIHTS Alumni and endeavor to create career opportunities for the CIHTS student community;
  8. To organize socio-cultural events and interactions between Alumni and their family members;
  9. To honor distinguished Alumni of CIHTS who have excelled and contributed in their respective domains; and,
  10. To have “Chapters of the Association” within India and outside India for furtherance of the objectives of The Association;

Seat of AACIHTS office

The seat and office of The Association shall be located within CIHTS main campus and the operations of the Association shall be carried out through this office.

Eligibility for Membership of AACIHTS

The Membership of AACIHTS shall be open to those:

  1. Who have been full-time former students of CIHTS and have acquired a graduate/ post graduate or M. Phil./Ph.D. degree from CIHTS;
  2. Who have been former students and remained continuously registered for at least four full semesters in a single specified academic program of CIHTS;
  3. Who have worked in CIHTS as a post-doctoral fellow for at least two years in continuity;
  4. Who have been conferred honorary degrees by CIHTS. However, they will not have any voting rights;

PROVIDED THAT the Vice Chancellor of CIHTS shall be “Ex-officio Patron of AACIHTS” and in that capacity shall enjoy all the privileges of a member. However, he/she will not have the voting rights in any of the meetings of The Association  the Chief Advisor (Alumni) should be a faculty member and a former student of CIHTS and a member of AACIHTS.

Membership Registration and Fee

Those who qualify for the membership of AACIHTS, under Clause 4 of the Constitution may register themselves, with the office of AACIHTS, by filling up a registration form (either personally or electronically) and by making a payment of Rs. 500 as life membership. The Non-Resident members living outside India (with exception of Bhutan and Nepal) shall pay US$20 or equivalent as life membership fee.

General Body

  1. The General Body, consisting of all the registered members of AACIHTS, shall be the supreme body of the Association and shall meet at least once in a year at Sarnath, Varanasi.
  2. One twentieth of the total membership will form the quorum of the General Body meeting. In case there is no quorum at the prescribed date, time and venue of the meeting, the meeting shall be adjourned and shall be resumed after 30 minutes when no quorum will be required.
  3. PROVIDED THAT in case of the meeting meant for carrying out any amendment in the Constitution of AACIHTS, there must be a quorum of one sixth of the membership at the beginning of the meeting and then the amendment(s) may be carried out with two third of the members present and voting in favor of the amendment(s).
  4. The General Body shall have the power to consider and decide all matters relating to AACIHTS and provide a broad policy framework towards the functioning of AACIHTS.
  5. The General Body shall also elect an “Executive Committee” (hereinafter referred to as “EC”) to carry on with the activities of AACIHTS. The tenure of the elected E.C. will be three years, from the date on which it assumes the charge.
  6. All the registered members of AACIHTS will have voting rights and will be eligible to be elected to the Executive Committee. No member should be elected to EC for more than two terms consecutively.
  7. The agenda of the meeting shall be prepared by the General Secretary, with the approval of the Executive Committee. However, the members of General Body can also get an item(s) on agenda included by making a written request in advance or by raising the point at the end of the meeting, under “Any Other Item with the permission of the Chair”.

Executive Committee

  1. The management of AACIHTS shall be vested in an Executive Committee comprising of eleven members elected by the General Body for three years.
  2. It shall meet as many times as it may deem fit to carry out effectively the activities of AACIHTS; provided that it shall meet at least twice a year.

The composition of EC shall be as under:

(a) President (One)

(b) General Secretary (One)

(c) Treasurer (One)

(d) Members (eight)

(e) Chief Advisor, Alumni Affairs, CIHTS (ex-officio member, without voting right)

PROVIDED THAT those who are office-bearer of any employee/staff association of CIHTS or are part of CIHTS administration shall not be members in the Executive Committee of AACIHTS.

Vacancies and Expulsions

Vacancies: In case of a vacancy arising in the EC, the same may be filled

  1. by nomination in case the remaining period of the EC is less than 6 months;
  2.  by election, in case the remaining period of EC is 6 months or more.

Expulsions:  In case a member is found to work against the interest(s) of AACIHTS or is found involved in serious misbehavior, he/she may be suspended by the Executive Committee of AACIHTS, after serving him/her Show Cause Notice, providing opportunity to explain his/her conduct. This would be subject to further consideration of the next General Body meeting which may decide to revoke the period specified by the GBM. suspension or expel him/her from the EC or the primary membership of AACIHTS for a period specified by the GBM.

Powers and Functions of the Executive Committee

The Executive Committee shall have the following powers and functions:

  1. It shall have the power to nominate CIHTS Alumni as Special invitees. These special invitees shall have no voting rights in EC.
  2. All decisions in the EC will be taken by simple majority of the members present and voting, except in case of disciplinary action against a member which will be decide by the two third of the members present and voting;
  3. The agenda of the meeting shall be prepared by the General Secretary, with the approval of the President. However, the members of EC can also get an item(s) on agenda included by making a written request in advance.
  4. The EC shall have financial powers to carry out its activities, subject to the provision in the Annual Budget placed before the General Body. The EC shall have the powers to (i) open a bank account; (ii) to receive and spend money and (iii) to maintain proper accounts
  5. The EC shall frame Rules and Guidelines under this Constitution for AACIHTS as well as for the Chapters of AACIHTS.
  1. Duties and powers of the Office Bearers


  1. The President shall be the custodian of the property and interests of The Association and shall have all the powers to manage and promote the ‘Aims and Objectives of The Association, in accordance with this Constitution and the Rules to be framed hereunder.
  2. He/she shall decide the date, time and venue of the meeting(s) in consultations with the General Secretary, and accordingly the General Secretary shall convene the meetings of EC/ General Body/ Extra ordinary meeting/requisitioned meeting.
  3. PROVIDED THAT in case a requisition is made for the meeting of the General Body, he/she must take a decision fixing the date, time and venue, within fifteen days of the receipt of the request in this regard.
  4. He/she shall preside over the meetings of EC, General Body and the Extra Ordinary Requisitioned meetings of the Association.

PROVIDED THAT while presiding the meetings he/she will have “Casting Vote” only.

  1. In case of any ambiguity in the interpretation of any clause or sub-clause of AACIHTS the interpretation decided by the majority of the EC members shall be operative.
  2. The President or the Secretary will be co-signatory with the treasurer for issuing cheques and the President will also be a co-signatory for the annual statement of the account of the Association, Annual report of the Association and the Annual budget.

 General Secretary

  1. The General Secretary shall carryout the decisions of the EC and General Body of The Association.
  2. He/she shall convene the meetings of the EC, General Body and Special/requisitioned meetings, as per the date, time and venue in consultation with the President and shall record the minutes of the meetings.
  3. He/she shall maintain the Register of names, addresses and occupations of the AACIHTS and EC members.
  4. The General Secretary shall make all correspondences, and coordinate the preparation and distribution of publications of The Association. He/she shall maintain all the records, documents minutes of the meetings of the General Body, EC and Annual Reports etc.
  5. He/she shall be a co-signatory with the Treasurer in financial matters such as Annual Statements of Accounts, Annual Budget and cheques etc. and shall ensure the audit of accounts of The Association carried out by the Auditor, appointed by the EC. He/she shall prepare Annual Report of the Association, every year, for presenting in the meetings of EC and General Body.


  1. The Treasurer shall be responsible for the maintenance of the financial records and accounts of The Association.
  2. The Treasurer shall operate the funds of The Association jointly with the General Secretary/President.
  3. He/she shall be a co-signatory with the General Secretary / President in financial matters such as Annual Statements of Accounts, Annual Budget and cheques etc.
  4. He/she shall prepare and present the Annual Budget, Annual Statement of Accounts in the meetings of the EC / General Body Accounts of the Association 
  5. The Accounts of the Association shall be maintained in a nationalized bank, jointly operated by the General Secretary/President with the Treasurer. All the decisions in this regard are vested with the EC.
  6. The accounts of The Association shall be audited at least once a year by an Auditor. The Auditor shall ordinarily be appointed by the General Body.

Audit of the accounts

  1. An auditor shall examine the Annual Statement of accounts of The Association and shall have access to accounts and vouchers and related records during the audit. The auditor having examined the EC/General Body. accounts shall submit a separate and independent report to the General Secretary for placing it in the

AACIHTS Logo and Website

  1. Information relating to the activities of AACIHTS, including membership details, will be made available online on CIHTS/AACIHTS website. AACIHTS website shall form part of the official CIHTS website and it shall have its own logo with CIHTS insignia scripted on it. If required, AACIHTS may have an independent website also. No other body or agency shall, without due authorization from AACIHTS shall use CIHTS alumni insignia.


  1. The amendment in the Constitution of AACIHTS can be made in by the General Body by not less than two third of the members present and voting.
  2. PROVIDED THAT no amendment will be deemed to have been carried out unless there is a meeting. quorum of one sixth of the AACIHTS membership, at the beginning of the General Body
  3. The notice for the meeting, along with the amendment proposed by the EC shall be issued website. at least 30 days before the date of the meeting. It may also be uploaded on the AACIHTS.
  4. The members of the General Body will have right to suggest changes in the amendment(s) proposed by the EC in writing and in advance to the EC.

Rights and Privileges of the members

The members of The Association:

  1. Will be provided an alumni photo-identity card with the membership number inscribed on it.
  2. Will have privilege to use the infra-structural facilities like CIHTS libraries, sports complex, gymnasium, canteens, convention halls, guest house and other general facilities that are accessible to the general community of CIHTS on payment of the applicable fee, if any.
  3. Will have the privilege of participating in conferences, seminars, cultural activities, memorial lectures etc. organized by CIHTS.
  4. Will have the privilege to obtain a temporary car sticker upon request of alumni member as per applicable rules.
  5. Will have a complimentary subscription to ‘CIHTS News’ upon request by the member.
  1. Meetings of AACIHTS
  2. At least one meeting of the Association shall be held during each calendar year which will be called ‘Alumni General Body Meeting’ by giving 45 days’ notice with the agenda of such meetings to all the members and also specifying the date, time and venue. The detailed agenda note, if required may follow.
  3. Other ‘General’ or ‘Extra ordinary’ meetings of General Body may be called by the General Secretary in consultation with the President by giving 14 days’ prior notice along with the agenda of such meeting to all the members and also specifying the date, time and venue.
  4. The General Body meeting/ Extra-ordinary meeting can also be requisitioned by making written/ on line request, by at least 25 members. Such a request to be addressed to the President of the Association and he/she on receipt of such a request shall ask the General Secretary to convene the requisitioned meeting within a month.
  5. One twentieth of the total members should be the quorum required for the meeting. In case, there is no quorum at the prescribed time, date and venue, the meeting may be adjourned and may be resumed after 30 minutes when no quorum would be required. However, in case of the meeting which may have Amendment(s) in the Constitution of AACIHTS on its agenda, the quorum of one sixth of the total members of AACIHTS, would be required even when the adjourned meeting is resumed after 30 minutes.
  6. The minutes of the meetings, recorded by the General Secretary, shall also be signed by the President and circulated to all the members, within one month of the meeting, either by placing it on the website of AACIHTS or by sending it through e-mails or both. Objections, if any, may be communicated by the member(s) to the General Secretary within a month.
  7. The minutes of the previous meeting should be placed in the next meeting by the General Secretary for confirmation, along with a brief action taken report on those points on which action by the EC may be required.

Call for AACIHTS meetings and decision making

  1. The meetings of The Association mentioned herein above under clause 9, 13 and 13 shall be convened in the manner as specified therein. However, emergency meetings may be called at a shorter notice as determined by the Executive Committee.
  2. All the decisions in The Association or EC meetings will be taken by majority of votes of the members present and voting. In case of equal voting the Chairperson will have the casting vote.

Chief Advisor, Alumni Affairs, CIHTS

  1. The Chief Advisor (Alumni Affairs) nominated by the CIHTS Administration shall be the ex-officio member of the EC and shall form an official link between the Alumni and the CIHTS community in furthering the purposes of AACIHTS. He/she should be a former student of CIHTS who is serving in CIHTS in his/her capacity as a Teacher or Research staff member.
  2. Approved by the General Body meeting of CIHTS Alumni held on 5th November, 2014 & it was again Approved by General Body meeting of CIHTS Alumni held on 1st January, 2018 with few amendments.