Department of Sanskrit

Sanskrit has been part of the Tibetan Buddhist academic curriculum for more than a millennium since the advent of Translation of Words of the Buddha and Buddhist philosophical treatises from Sanskrit into Tibetan in Tibet from 7th century onwards. Sanskrit Language as a course is a compulsory subject in U.G. program of Shastri (BA) and an optional subject in the P.G. program of Acharya (MA) in Baudh Darshan. Courses on Sanskrit Grammar, Prose, Poetry, Epics, Dramas, Kavya etc. are offered under compulsory Sanskrit subject and courses on Buddhist Jataka, Avadana, Ethics, Poetry, Sankhya, Vedanta, Pramana etc. are offered under optional Sanskrit subject. The Department also provides supervisory guidance for the students enrolled for Vidyavaridhi (Phd) program in Baudh Darshan choosing the subject of Restoration of a Lost Sanskrit Text from Tibetan Sources.

Course Outcomes:

  1. The course offers detailed training in the various aspects of Sanskrit linguistics and literature by focusing more on the LSRW.
  2. The students can hone their skills in Sanskrit hermeneutics, phonetics, phonology, syntax, and grammar.
  3. They are trained in the craft of literary writing and analysis of different genres of texts with particular emphasis on presentation skills.
  4. Students are trained to explore and develop a sense of critical reading of Buddhist philosophy in the Tibetan Language.
  5. With proper guidance, competency is developed in communicating, interacting, listening, speaking and observational skills.
  6. After completing the course, the students can seek further possibilities in higher research, teaching, translation, comparative studies, content writing etc.
Registration for NCISM-NEET-SR UG 2024-2025 is extended from 8th July to 21st July 2024