Department of Classical and Modern Languages

Department of Classical and Modern Languages offers courses on Pāli Language, Hindi Language and English Language as optional subjects in U.G. program of Shastri (BA) in Baudh Darshan, Tibetan Jyotish, Tibetan Fine Arts and P.G. program of Acharya (MA) in Baudh Darshan and Tibetan History. As courses on Pāli Language are offered mainly with the objective of gaining access to Buddhist scriptures preserved in Pali for conducting comparative study, research and translation works, occasionally Diploma in Pali Language is also offered. The Hindi Language courses are specially designed to help the students in their studies of Sanskrit and Pāli languages, which is initially taught in the medium of Hindi language. English Language courses give the students from diverse backgrounds opportunity to not only learn the language but to inculcate a more communicative environment and gain proficiency in English Language.

Course Outcomes:

  1. The diversity of different languages like Pali, Hindi, English enable the students to analyse the Buddhist text and scripts critically. Moreover, the students are educated about the cultural and architectural heritage of Buddhism in different countries and regions.
  2. The four pillars of languages like LSRW enable students to have a deeper understanding about different texts available in different languages of the world
  3. The students are trained to do inter-translation between different languages like Tibetan, Pali, English and Hindi along with a deep knowledge of literature available in different languages deeply located in their cultural, political, social and economic background in different historical eras.
  4. They are trained to get the knowledge of linguistics, critical analysis of the texts, prosody literary terms, and literature of different languages like pali, English and Hindi.
  5. The education provided furnishes the students to seek opportunities in the fields of translation, content writing, creative writing and comparative literature.


Registration for NCISM-NEET-SR UG 2024-2025 is extended from 8th July to 21st July 2024