Vision of CTE

  1. The Centre for Teacher Education espouses four principles as the foundation of its approach to education: freedom, altruism, innovation, and upholding culture and heritage.
  2. A vital priority of CTE is to projectsuch teacher-training programmes that can produce quality teachers to educate the young generation of Tibetans in India.
  3. To focus on professional development of students that rests on Buddhist philosophy, moral ethics, and human values.

Mission of CTE

  1. To emphasise on designing and providingprogrammes and degrees duly recognized by the Indian Government’s National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE) that would fulfil the educational needs of the Tibetan community.
  2. To enable the learner/students imbibe andabsorb the pedagogical materialin an integrated programme where content and pedagogy is aligned from the outset.
  3. To seek a balance between inculcating traditional knowledge and imparting contemporary teaching skills along with offering instruction in subjects in line with modern-day requirements.