Central Institute of Higher Tibetan Studies

(Deemed to be University)
Sarnath, Varanasi - 221007 (U.P.) India

Publication Unit

Publication Department CIHTS has its own Publishing House and it is publishing research works on Buddhology and Tibetology in accordance with the objectives of the Institute and as one of the principal means for propagating and promoting the Buddhist and Tibetan studies. Initially CIHTS commenced its publishing works with two booklets of seminar papers in 1972 but regular publication work came to be commenced in 1983 after establishing an autonomous Department that eventually developed into a small publishing house.
The main source of the materials for CIHTS publications is the research works of the Projects undertaken and duly completed. In addition, it also accepts to publish research works by eminent scholars that meet the standards set by the Institute. Most of the books published so far are of high standard and research value for advanced studies in the field of Tibetan and Buddhist studies. At present, CIHTS is publishing books under ten general series, and in addition, the volumes of Dhih: A Rare Buddhist Texts Research Journal that was launched in 1986, and dictionaries and reference books under the Kosa Series.

Publication Department Committee
The Institute has constituted a standing Publication Committee with external experts to consider and recommend publication of manuscripts submitted by scholars. The Committee also considers and looks after various problems regarding the publications. The Vice Chancellor is the Chairperson of the committee.