Faculty of Adhunik Vidya

Faculty of Adhunik Vidya (Modern Sciences) conducts courses through its Department of Social Sciences. This faculty is one of the three faculties introduced when the Institute was first established. Currently the faculty offers courses as optional subjects on a) Asian History b) Tibetan History c) Economics and d) Political Science with a syllabus that intersects with and reinforces traditional areas of study at undergraduate level of Shastri (BA) in Philosophy stream. Since the academic session 2017-2018, the faculty has started offering two postgraduate programs: Acharya (MA) in Tibetan History and Vidyavaridhi (Phd) in Tibetan History. The comprehensive Acharya (MA) in Tibetan History program covers both cultural and political history of Tibet and incorporates introductory courses on archaeology, anthropology, historiography and numismatics.

Faculty of Adhunik Vidya consist of one Department:

  1. Department of Social Sciences 

Programs offered by the faculty are:

  1. Acharya (MA)– PG
  2. Vidyavaridhi (PhD)

Programme Outcomes:

  • P.G Acharya (MA) and Vidyavaridhi (Phd) in Tibetan History:

The program is designed to train the students in the field of historiography with a special focus on concepts, methods, theories and historical traditions of Tibet. Moreover, the program is enriched with the historical knowledge of the development of administration, culture, literature and international relations in the ancient and modern era. Tibet’s political and cultural historiography is the focal point of the curriculum, which is vibrant and comprehensive enough with the inclusion of anthropological, archaeological, economic and social dimensions. The students, enriched with the deep and vast knowledge of Tibet and historiography, will be enabled to seek further opportunities in research, teaching, and architectural and cultural guiding profession.


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