programmes & courses offered

Inculcating the gist of the New Education Policy 2020, CIHTS offers a myriad bouquet of options to the students at all academic levels right from secondary school level (Purva Madhyama and Uttar Madhyama) to Undergraduate (Shastri), Postgraduate (Acharya) up to the highest wrung in the ladder for PhD (Vidyavaridi) Buddhist Philosophy students are provided four years of pre-college education enabling them to be fluent in various languages also. Fine Arts students can access the course of study two years later, at class 11th. The three year Shastri programme is equivalent to the Bachelor degree, while the two year Acharya programme is equivalent to Masters.

The Institute also offers PhD programmes in different disciplines like Buddhist studies, Tibetan History and Culture, Medical Science, Fine Arts, and Restoration. The Vidyavaridi is equivalent to PhD programme, which is run as per the rules laid down by the UGC. On the line of choice based credit system, the students are free to choose any one of the following subjects of study – Asian History, Tibetan History, Political Science, Economics, Pali, Advanced Sanskrit, Hindi, English.

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