Student Publications

A number of students have published their own books and articles from their independent research, and student groups on campus work to publish magazines and journals that showcase their research, scholarship and creativity. In 2002, one group of students started their own journal Riglab that in is now in its 24″ edition. In this bi-annual publication, students can make their own contribution to the intellectual discourse of the Institute through articles, photographs, artwork, and poetry. Occasionally, Riglab features articles by scholars who have been invited to speak by the students. The journal also runsessay competitions to encourage students to develop their writing skills. In addition, they publish proceedings from seminars and lectures that have been organized by the students on the campus and they sometimes organize workshops of their own on topics such as Tibetan language and literature. The Editorial Board also publishes their own book series, Dung Tra, meaning sound of the conch shell’ referring to the symbol of the transmission of the Buddhadharma.