Student Centric CAmpus

The Institute also has two health centres and the medical facilities are also extended to the general public via Sowa-Rigpa clinic. The Yuthok Sowa-Rigpa Medical College and Hospital stands out as a modern marvel and has deeply impacted the needs of humanity at large. There are sports and recreational facilities on the campus with considerable fields and dedicated facilities for various sports like football, basketball and badminton. A large sports ground, flood lit with ample light allows the students to practice and organize games after sunset. All hostels are equipped with gyms, study rooms, and other basic amenities. A centralized student mess is located in the middle of the campus along with a well functioned cafeteria which serves both the Indian and Tibetan cuisines.
Along with two language labs, the campus is also furnished with a dedicated IT cell which looks after the technological enhancement of the campus. A robust multimedia section not only diligently works to digitalize the resources of the lost canon but also takes care of the in house recordings and coverage of all the events.