Centre for Teacher Education

Centre for Teacher Education (CTE) has initiated and started innovative four-year integrated B.A.B.Ed./B.Sc.B.Ed and two-year B.Ed. programmes. These programmes are duly approved and sanctioned by National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE), apex body of controlling and monitoring teacher education in India.Beyond the conventional pedagogical disciplines mandated by NCTEto make professional and humane teacher, our curriculum uniquely integrates essential components such as Buddhist philosophy, emotional intelligence, ethics, yoga, meditation, inclusive education, and gender equality, recognizing their special significance.

Programme Outcomes of B.Ed.

After completing the two-year B.Ed. programme successfully, prospective teachers will:

  • Be equipped with a blend of Indo-Tibetan Buddhist traditions and modern teaching practicesto become effective, professional and humane teacher.
  • Be able to understand the basic concepts and ideas of educational theory and to build an understanding and perspective on the nature of the learners, their diversity, teaching-learning process, school and education as a whole.
  • Be inculcated the Samsakaras for integration of knowledge and skills leading to the preparation of effective teachers for the 21st
  • Be able to know, select and use the learner-centred teaching methods, inquiry based learning, cooperative learning, constructive learning strategies.
  • Develop the understanding about paradigm shift in conceptualizing disciplinary knowledge in school curriculum,
  • Beequipped with necessary competencies for organizing learning experiences as well as select and use of appropriate assessment strategies for facilitating learning.

Programme Outcomes of B.A. B.Ed.

After completing the four-year B.A. B.Ed. programme successfully, apart from above mentioned abilities, prospective teachers will:

  • Develop a heightened sensitivity to diverse perspectives and a refined sensibility in addressing societal issues through active engagement with social sciences, literature, and humanities.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in integrating knowledge from social, economic, historical, geographical, political, ideological, and philosophical domains, showcasing a holistic understanding and application of multidisciplinary perspectives.
  • Exhibit ethical decision-making by integrating human values into their problem-solving processes, demonstrating courage and humanity in addressing both personal and societal challenges.
  • Embody responsible citizenship through active participation in community activities, applying their acquired knowledge and skills to address societal challenges, and contributing positively to the community and the global arena.
Registration for NCISM-NEET-SR UG 2024-2025 is extended from 8th July to 21st July 2024