Department of Tibetan Traditional Woodcraft

Department of Traditional Tibetan Woodcraft offers U.G and P.G courses on rich Tradition of Traditional Tibetan Woodcraft that includes the craft of making intricately carved traditional Tibetan altar, thrones, tables, pillars and doors and so on that one can find adorning every Buddhist monastery. The courses include classes in Aesthetics and Philosophy of Art as well as the Global History of Art with a sub-category of the History of Buddhist Art and classes in Tibetan and English Languages.

Course Outcomes

U.G Shastri (BA) in Traditional Tibetan Woodcraft:

P.G Acharya (MA) in Traditional Tibetan Woodcraft:

Upon the completion of the courses, students should be able:

  1. To acquire a clear understanding of the background to the origin of Traditional Tibetan Fine Arts; a sound knowledge of its perspective in Modern Fine Arts.
  2. To be equipped with the methodological capability to be able to conduct postgraduate or independent research on virtually any topics of Traditional Tibetan Fine Arts and Modern Fine Arts.
  3. To acquire a good understanding of the key doctrines of Tibetan Fine Arts.
    • ▶ To preserve and transmit the culture heritage of traditional Tibetan Arts.
    • ▶ Origins of traditional Tibetan Arts.
    • ▶ Introduction to traditional Tibetan Arts.
    • ▶ Origin and Growth of traditional Tibetan Arts with the aim to preserve and promote and research in the Tibetan Traditional Fine Arts.

Faculty Members


Name : Professor Lobsang Tenzin    
Designation : Professor
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Name : Shri Bhuchung    
Designation : Guest Lecturer in Woodcraft
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