The Translation Unit of the Research Faculty is one of the important constituents of the Research Department, which engages into a number of translation works of canonical texts of both ancient Indian and Tibetan scholars of par excellence. The unit has taken up a number of important texts of major and minor projects, which are on going process. Since the incept of the Unit in 1987 onwards brought more than two dozen of Restored, Hindi/English translations along with Tibetan with critical editions. In addition, critical edition of existing Sanskrit and Tibetan translation with research-oriented introduction with appendixes is being worked out. Among these some of the important major magnum opus works of restoration of canonical texts from Tibetan sources and Hindi translation etc. were completed. In addition, the unit runs classes on translation methodology to promote student and holds short-term Sanskrit classes to generate awareness and interest among younger generations. The unit also actively collaborated with the Five Colleges, Massachusetts, USA and University of Tasmania, Australia exchange program since 1990 onwards till date. The Associate Professor of the Translation was the first ever faculty member to teach at the Hampshire College, Smith College and as well as at the prestigious Amherst College under this program in the Spring Semesters of 1995 and 2007 respectively.