The Rare Buddhist Texts Research Department (hereafter RBTRD) is mainly devoted to bringing out critical editions of hitherto unpublished Buddhist Tantric Texts on the basis of Sanskrit manuscripts written in ancient scripts such as Newari (with is variety such as Bhujimol, Pachumol etc.), Ranjana, Kutila, Vartula, Magadhi, ancient Devanagari, ancient Bangla, Maithili and so on. While critically editing the Sanskrit texts, the manuscripts are collated and the Sanskrit texts are carefully compared with and supplemented by the critical editions of their classical Tibetan translation available in as many as four versions of Kagyur and Tangyur. The founder and the first Director of this Department was the late Prof. Jagannath Upadhyaya, doyen of Buddhist Studies. Beside, this Department publishes a research journal entitled Dhih devoted to Buddhist Tantric Studies. So far 59 volumes of this journal have been published. The RBTRD regularly conducts surveys of Sanskrit manuscripts and procures copies of the same for the editing of texts. The RBTRD perhaps possesses a richest collection of copies of manuscripts of Buddhist Tantric Texts, procured from Kathmandu (Nepal), Kolkata, Baroda and other places in India as well as other countries. The RBTRD also organises seminars and workshop for a meaningful interaction with scholars in the field.