On-going project

Ayurvijnana Kosha

This encyclopedia is based on the Ashtangahridaya and its Tibetan translation along with some Sanskrit commentaries. The encyclopedia explains the contents of the Ashtangahridaya. At the same time, it also records general and technical Tibetan terms with their Sanskrit equivalents. The encyclopedia shall also contain pictures of different parts of medicinal herbs. This Kosha is in the final stage of proof reading and shall be completed within next few months.

Jyotisha Kosha

This encyclopedia will be based on the Sanskrit texts related to Astrology and Astronomy with their Tibetan Translations and shall explain the contents of these texts. Contextualized citations will be used to explain the technical terms. This kosha was started in 2006. Few Sanskrit texts related to Astronomy and Astrology were input in the computer and proof reading of the same was completed. Technical terms and citations from these texts is completed. Along with this, some Tibetan texts were also computerized and proof reading of the same was completed.

Students Tibetan-Sanskrit Dictionary (Chatra-Upayogi Kosha)

This kosha was started in 2008.This will contain Tibetan words with their Sanskrit equivalents. The Tibetan terms will be followed by their pronunciation. Notes, examples and modern Tibetan words will be provided where ever necessary in order to explain the meaning of Tibetan terms.

Sanskrit Tibetan Glossary

This glossary is based on the Tibetan Sanskrit Dictionary complied by the Unit. It contains Sanskrit terms with their Tibetan equivalents. This will prove helpful to students and researchers working in the field of comparative study of the Sanskrit and the Tibetan texts.

Database or CD Version of Tibetan-Sanskrit Dictionary (16 Volume)

This database is conversion (Unicode format) of the Tibetan-Sanskrit Dictionary(AtishaTibetan and AtishaSanskrit(Normal, Medium and Bold) and Bharti and BhartiSanskirt(Normal, Medium and Bold) fonts). This Database will help researchers to access desire term or main entry directly through searching tools, handy and user friendly. Right now it's in final stage of editing and complete within few months.

Concodance of Five Tibetan Buddhist Canons(Bhot-Sanskarno ka Sandarbha Kosha)

This kosha was started in 2008.This concordance will help researcher in finding the desire portion of Tibetan text in all corresponding Tibetan editions of the text in Kagyur and Tengyur.